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Partnership with connect globes

At Connect Globes IT Solution, we offer you with partnership programs to connect with us and benefit from lucrative business models. Our idea behind partnership program is to collaborate with converging forces and create significant value out of it - for a collective growth.

We value partnership. Not only we arrange for process up-gradations but also bring-in new ventures to suitably fit with the associate-program. We always aim towards a win-win situation and encourage value-driven practices by offering customized partnership programs to our partners – for SMEs to big businesses. We believe in leveraging the value of business by bringing resources and plans together on a single platform. We do this with our comprehensive partnership options.

Over the last 10 years, Team In India has emerged as one of the industry leading companies for experience driven core PHP developments. Our team of 100+ Core PHP developers have successfully developed more than 2,000+ websites and portals for 1,500+ clients from all four corners of the globe. Combining industry experience and our digital expertise we can help you change the way you do things for the better.

Partnership Opportunities

We believe in leveraging the value of business by bringing resources and plans together on a single platform.

Strategic Partnership

In this partnership model, we work in a joint-ownership mode. You will be working as a front-end force to this alliance and will be concentrating on leads and business generation. Whereas, we will be developing the project, you will be taking part in project communication and decision making with the Octal IT Solution team. Both of us will be working together closely, sharing resources, on the agreed upon parameters


Affiliate Partnership

If you are working on projects that need special involvement or you lack resources to get a project done, Connect Globes IT Solution Affiliate partnership program suits you the best. In this model, we will be serving you as an extension in getting the project developed, working in a conjunction with your process deliverables, departmental communication and project supplies.


Referral Partnership

If you are an individual and want to partner with us, we have plans for you too! As per this model, you can promote our business anywhere in the world and bring us the sales against a commission (decided upon mutually). Alternately, you can also become a representative of Connect Globes IT Solution as per which we will be forwarding you the leads, wanting you to convert them to sales, as per the terms of engagement.


Industries We’re Proud To Have Served

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