Latest Digital Ecommerce Trends & Statistics

Latest Digital Commerce Trends & Statistics

In the matter of Digital eCommerce, a major contributor to business is the digital platform. Indeed, most of the lives revolve entirely around the internet, and so thus their daily aspects. Thus, businesses also take the help of the internet to reach their customers via online methods. Indeed, currently, eCommerce holds around 14% of the entire world retail sales.

Keeping this in mind, Digital eCommerce has the chance to keep growing and indeed, the possibilities of such are endless. Furthermore, businesses are trying to go global through online methods, which is increasing the competition as well. With more and more companies taking up eCommerce facilities, a few trends and statistics are visible.

These are important to note as it marks what the customers are feeling and what they are looking for. Indeed, customer satisfaction is the key component of any sales and these trends shed a light on it. Keeping these in mind, businesses can improve their services and also gain huge amounts of profit.

However, an important thing to consider here is that these trends and statistical reports are inter-dependent. Indeed, trends speak of the things that the businesses are focusing on to make the customer’s life better. Alternatively, statistics point to how the customers are making their purchasing choices and what their main priorities are. Thus, analyzing these factors in current times would help business owners improve their work in the future.

Digital Ecommerce Common Trends


Indeed, in the matter of eCommerce, a huge focus lies on what most people are doing, and businesses consider them. In fact, they keep the demands of their customers in mind and plan accordingly. To understand the current commercial landscape, keeping in mind the following trends is the key to success.

Chat Box Feature

The chatbox feature is a prevalent and useful feature in the current commercial landscape. Indeed, this AI-driven method helps customers choose and discuss their shopping wish list before making their purchases. Surprisingly enough, people admitted that they prefer this technique more than usual customer service.

This is because artificial intelligence allows prospective buyers to discuss their shopping ideals easily and without judgment. Furthermore, the replies are much quicker, which is ideal in this fast-paced world. Thus, businesses take into account these needs of their customers and implement this feature in the shopping experience.

The Relationship Between Augmented Reality and Online Shopping

Of course, when it comes to digital eCommerce a factor that is important to note is Augmented Reality or AR. Today, this method is a technological advancement that most shoppers find extremely helpful and thus gravitate towards these businesses. After all, online shopping does save time and money, but you cannot test out the products before buying.

Keeping this in mind, AR focuses on giving you a visual idea of how the product would look in your room. In the case of furniture and home equipment, this is highly helpful. Thus, sites add this feature in today’s times and that improves the customer-company relationship.

AI Helps in Understanding Customer Feedback 

From a sales perspective, some major contributors to the practice are the agents and sales clerks. After all, they interact with the customers about their tastes and wishes and helps in choosing a product. They also give recommendations. However, in online shopping, this service is not available, but that is not the case on some platforms. AIs perform this function instead and that improves the sales experience on both sides.

Subscriptions Are Important

When it comes to online services that relate to customer satisfaction and online sales, subscriptions are a prevalent theme. Indeed, it allows the companies to understand their customers better and also offer better options to the subscribers. Of course, a major part of sales is to leave them wanting more, which is something these businesses adopt. Thus, this is an important trend that would only keep growing.

The Need for Video Integration

A highly common trend in current times is the use of videos in shopping experiences. Truly, studies have shown that those products or sites that showcase a video in the beginning, retain more customers. Indeed, people respond better to certain products or services when they can see their uses and features. A catchy video that highlights the mood of the product and the buyer can connect the two easier.

Variety in Payment Features

Another helpful factor that is trending among various businesses and internet shopping is the availability of online payment. Indeed, there are many features and online payment options that are available on eCommerce websites. Thus, the variety of these features allows more customers to log-in and buy their products in a comfortable way.

The Smart-Phone Phenomenon

Of course, we cannot discuss current trends in digital eCommerce without mentioning its main platform i.e., the smart-phone. Indeed, most people today prefer shopping in easier ways and having such in their own hands is a huge solution. Consequently, businesses focus on making their shopping sites mobile-friendly and many such applications are popping up currently. Thus, when it comes to online shopping, this is the main trend working nowadays.

Digital eCommerce in Statistical Viewpoint

Digital eCommerce in Statistical Viewpoint

When speaking of eCommerce Trends, another aspect that is related to that is the statistical standpoint. This is considered on the basis of current reports from all over the world and is important to note. Indeed, if the businesses keep this in mind, they can shape this sales quotient accordingly.

Taking Advice Is More Important Than Any Business Modules

Smart-phones have made contacting your loved ones easier, which also factors in during online shopping. Indeed, factors like social media allow customers to contact their loved ones and ask their opinion. In fact, around 81% of the public rely on this opinion than focusing on what the businesses are saying.

Abandoned Cart Phenomenon

Among the common things occurring in eCommerce, a phenomenon that is prevalent nowadays is Abandoned carts. However, it is not a very profitable practice and is causing losses to some businesses. To put it simply, this occurrence refers to when people decide to remove a product from their ‘cart’ after processing.

There are various reasons why they do so. According to a survey, 28% of buyers said that it was because of complicated checkout options. 35% of buyers did not want to create an account, while around 60% attributed abandoning their cart to high costs.

Customers Respond Better When They Can Contact Those in Power Easier 

Indeed, this factor has seen a lot of traction in current times, according to more than half the customers. Being able to talk to the management in case of emergencies and them responding increases customer satisfaction. After all, customers feel good and happy with any service if they feel they are listened to.

The Aspect of Social Shopping

In today’s world, a major trend that is prevalent is the use of social media. Indeed, it has a lot of influence on people’s lives, and businesses take that into account. People notice the ongoing trends in social media and base their shopping ideals on them.

Furthermore, they follow popular trends and companies online and shop through them. Indeed, around 74% of people who shop online admitted they shop based on what is trending on social media. Thus, social shopping does play a major role in eCommerce trends, as seen in these global statistics.

People Make Shopping Decisions Based on Customer Reviews

Of course, a buyer would trust in your product if they see other real people like it too. After all, while eCommerce has made shopping easier, fake companies also take advantage of this. Thus, people need to see that the products a company is selling are valid and satisfactory.

Here, these other customers are their only ally, and the customer reviews their only friend. A study showed that around 80% of the participants left a site because the customer reviews were not satisfactory. Similarly, those who saw good reviews decided to buy the products in question.

24/7 Shopping Services

A report saw almost 60% of the people saying that they prefer shopping online because they can do so anytime. Indeed, with the different things that keep people busy, going out to shop is not always possible. On the other hand, online websites give the chance wherever you are, whenever you can. The only issue here is that the customer service department is not always available, which these businesses can look into.

Men Spend More Money in Online Shopping Compared To Women

Surprisingly, a recent study shows that women do not spend as much as men when it comes to online shopping. However, this is mainly because men shop for quality, while women focus on quantity. Thus, even though they don’t shop a lot, 60% of men spend a huge amount on pricey products like electronics.


All in all, the trends and statistics are interrelated when it comes to Digital eCommerce. They play a vital role in understanding the current market and help the companies figure out how to improvise their services. These trends are currently in practice and would continue in the near future to a certain extent.  

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